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2021 JAN Mailing

The 2021 January mailing of is out. Read it here!

This is the 5th birthday for (started Jan 2016)! Thank you ALL for your support and interest in SETI and technosignature research.

2020 Year in Review

As promised, we have published our Year in SETI Research Review issue of In total we gathered 71 articles featuring new scholarly work in the technosignature field from 2020.

A huge thnaks goes out to Julia LaFond and Jason Wright for gathering the articles from ADS.

Check out the latest edition of!

We're Back!

Hello fans! We had a couple mailings in 2019 of the newsletter, and some catch-up issues in early 2020, but ran in to 2 problems:

1) the scripts to generate and update this website broke in late 2018, and

2) the administrator ran out of time to fix the website or update the newsletter for much of 2019 and 2020 for… lots of reasons.

So welcome back - Take a look at all the back-issues of the newsletter here!

We hope will be back to regular monthly operations in 2021, and are collaborating with Jason Wright’s group and their SETI ADS Library to make curating this site easier for all! Part of that effort is fixing and re-launching this website version. Please let me know if there are any issues.

2018 FEB and MAR Mailing

The 2018 February and March combined mailing of is out. Read it here!

The research newsletter has now reached over 200 subscribers! Thank you all for reading, and be sure to submit any new articles you find/write or that we’ve missed!

2018 JAN Mailing

The 2018 January mailing of is out. Read it here!

This is the 3rd birthday for (started Jan 2016)! Thank you all for your support, and keep contributing to our newsletter!