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2017 SEPT and OCT Mailing

The 2017 September and October mailing of is out. Read it here!

2017 AUGUST Mailing

The 2017 August mailing of is out. Read it here!

2017 JUNE and JULY Mailing

The 2017 June & July mailing of is out!

This issue is extra-full, with 15 articles spanning a huge range of topics! Enjoy, and be sure to keep submitting articles you find using the Submit a Paper link!

2017 APRIL Mailing

The 2017 April mailing of is out!

2017 MAR Mailing

The 2017 March mailing of is out!

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Note: “April Fools” articles related to SETI will not be included in the email newsletter. However, I will note the one that caught my attention this year: A revolution is brewing: observations of TRAPPIST-1 exoplanetary system fosters a new biomarker, and shamelessly link to my 2013 semi-serious April Fools paper: Unidentified Moving Objects in Next Generation Time Domain Surveys